The practice of yoga stimulates sexual performance

Contemplative practice yoga regularly stimulates sexual performance in the individual, particularly in women, this is revealed by a study published in Time Magazine.

According to the study, rapid breathing at sports in general stimulates the reproductive organs in both sexes, come yoga to add an important element is strongly concentration and meditation, which with time and practice helps to raise the level of sexual performance, and control to provide or delay orgasm.

Study was to confirm what was common practice of yoga and their direct impact on the sex life of individuals, which confirmed that there are elements provoke a direct impact on sexual desire when practitioners of the sport, as the conditions that are taken during exercise, as well as to transfer the body of the status of to another, and the atmosphere inside the halls of collective yoga, are all factors that stimulate the sexual instincts.

The study indicated that individuals who have less sexual desire, which leads often to marital differences are advised to practice yoga, which would promote instincts in the subconscious and the unconscious, which will show its consequences on the sexual life of the individual over time.

It is strange that revealed by the study, that the practitioners of yoga for a long time, especially women, have the ability to control the times of euphoria, so they can have an orgasm through meditation only, without having to perform any sexual practices.

Health and lifestyle may affect fertility, sexual

May affect your health and your lifestyle on the chances of pregnancy and childbearing have. Yes, this is the findings of the experts recently. If you're concerned about your health reproductive and do not know the reason behind the delay in childbearing, perhaps you should read these factors and consult your doctor immediately.

Excess weight may affect the fertility of women

Experts pointed out that if you are fat woman, you will decrease the percentage of pregnancy, no doubt. According to body mass index (BMI) If the rate of increase you have located between 25.0 to 29.9 Foznk plus, no doubt, while if the ratio from 30.0 then you are more obese. And obesity increase the risk of infertility, may also cause irregular menstrual cycles or rare, may increase the risk of abortion. For obese women can cut 5 to 10 percent of the weight to improve levels of reproduction. But this does not mean good news for women thin, very Low birthweight may also affect your fertility. National examination body mass (BMI) to see how your fertility.

Exposure to high temperatures

As sexual health experts have confirmed that prolonged exposure to high temperatures of the thermal baths and steam rooms affect the reduction of sperm quality in men. Use of the gel during sexual intercourse: can affect the use of vaginal gel and the gel on the quality of sperm in men.

The potential dangers of smoking

In addition to lung cancer and respiratory diseases sexual health experts have confirmed that smoking may contribute to infertility. For example, smoking increases the risk of tubal pregnancies, and cervical cancer, and inflammation of the pelvis, as it is linked to a lack of and poor sperm counts in men. If you or your spouse are smokers, they should Tschira doctor about the potential impact of smoking on reproductive Kdrtkma. And tried to find a health plan to stop smoking immediately

Anxiety may affect fertility

On the other side in the new study included 151 women and discussed their fears and their hair is concerned at the experience of infertility treatment. The results showed that women who felt concerned about the medical procedure, and the financial ability, or Tgibbon from work due to this procedure is likely to produce eggs less Andhen less chance of pregnancy than women who did not worry

The potential influence of alcohol on fertility

Research has shown that the effect of alcohol consumption is equal between men and women. If you are trying to load, you should Tqlli or give up alcohol completely. And your doctor can provide you with further information regarding the level of alcohol consumption that affects your fertility.

Healthy lifestyle and acupuncture

Research is still ongoing about the overall impact of acupuncture. But there is evidence that acupuncture can reduce the stress that can have a positive effect on fertility. There is also some evidence that acupuncture affects the production Androfen which plays a role in the menstrual cycle. There is also evidence that acupuncture can increase blood flow to the uterus.

Occupational hazards

Result in exposure to toxic substances at work, such as insecticides, Achaaúa activity, and X-rays, electromagnetic radiation, or microwave oven, to sperm abnormalities. If you are exposed to these risks you should know your doctor

 Some medications cause infertility

Some anti-heart disease, blood pressure may Zbban infertility in men. If you have any other questions prefer to consult a doctor about your health and your ability to bear children

Determine the amount of caffeine

Shows that consumption of moderate to low intake of caffeine (300 Mellgram or 3 cups) can reduce the chances of reproduction. However, some studies suggested that higher amounts may make pregnancy more difficult. Available and caffeine in coffee, tea, soft drinks, and chocolate. If you're concerned about caffeine, talk with your doctor.